Well folks, there is a vast difference between the two, and we at SugarBabies are going to explain the differences to ease your mind and clear up any confusion that this may have caused!

Anyone can look at this and say, “They just changed the package.” Well it may seem as simple as that, but there are key differences that may make you choose one over the other for your own baby, or to give at that next baby shower gift.  Let’s get analytical!!!  Okay, not so much…..

-Key Differences-

Weave:  The overall hand feel of the Aden & Anais muslin fabric is thicker and more plush when compared to the Aden Swaddleplus.  A great way to think about it is bed sheets and their thread-count.  

Size:  Aden & Anais Boutique Swaddles are larger (47”x47”), while the Aden Swaddleplus are smaller (44”x44”)

Packaging:  Ok here is the obvious!!!  Simply look at the images above and tell me which you’d rather give the mommy to be... All of the Aden & Anais Boutique Swaddles come in the company’s highly unique and recognizable gift box back aging, making it easier to gift wrap and present to the mommy to be.  The Aden Swaddleplus come in standard PEVA packaging or mass marketing hand tags.

Designs:  Aden & Anais patterns are exclusive to baby boutiques, much like SugarBabies.  Both lines have their own distinctive style.  Also the Aden Swaddleplus 4-packs contain three printed swaddles and one white swaddle.  All four of the boutique swaddles have prints on them. 

Distribution:  Aden & Anais products are ONLY, let me say again, ONLY available at boutiques and specialty stores while the Aden Swaddleplus can be found in stores like target, buybuy Baby, and Babies R’ Us.  

If you’re still confused, or maybe just want a little more information before you get your baby a new swaddle set or looking for the perfect baby shower gift, come by the store and let one of our friendly team members help you.  Or you can visit us online at www.shopsugarbabies.com

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