Belli Elasticity Belly Oil

Belli Elasticity Belly Oil

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Elasticity Belly Oil 3.8oz

Maintains the look of smooth, healthy skin with scientifically researched ingredients• including Vitamin E and Gotu Kola that help prepare skin for stretching.

  • A luxurious blend of pure plant extracts that nourishes and moisturizes to help skin stretch without damage
  • Cocoa butter provides deep, rich moisture
  • Lavender and sweet almond oil soothe and calm the senses
  • Contains Vitamin E and grapeseed oil, both are rich in antioxidants
  • Used in fine spas as a pre-natal massage oil

Belli ® delivers trusted skin care solutions that pamper and protect without known harmful chemicals so you can expect beautiful skin and enjoy peace of mind during any stage of your life: pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

The ingredients in Belli products are selected based upon an extensive review of published medical studies. Belli even follows a unique safety screening process to avoid ingredients with known links to birth defects or harmful effects while breastfeeding. OB/GYN & Dermatologist Recommended.

  • No Artificial Dyes or Fragrances
  • No Phthalates
  • No Paraben Preservatives
  • Cruelty-Free; Not Tested on Animals
  • Safety-Screened Ingredients

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