Black Floral Gown
Black Floral Gown

Black Floral Gown

Part Number: 25635
Paisley Prints of Spokane custom floral gown

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Specifically designed for newborn comfort, with an added bonus of making diaper changes a breeze! After 3 kiddos of our own, it became our dream to share with all of you our favorite baby essentials. Each of our baby items have been hand patterned by ourselves with the help of our local stay at home Mama seamstress team. Every product goes through a testing process to ensure fit, comfort, and design are spot on. We truly believe in this standard of quality and our 5 star reviews reflect that too. Oh, and did we mention they are USA made?! Pretty awesome! 

Currently 1 size available NB-3M. Specifically created for the smallest of newborns through the first 3 months of life. This gown is not your average 0-3 month piece of clothing. Trust us when we say we designed it to be the perfect fit.

- Breathable fabric -
Perfect for absorbing moisture and allowing the skin to breathe.

- Stretch -
All of our fabrics have a good amount of stretch. This is important for the proper fit of the garment, comfort, and to allow for growth.

- Adjustable length design -
Our knot gowns were specifically designed to comfort baby. Tie the bottom of the gown in a knot as shown in photo 1 to allow baby to be comforted in a womb like position. As baby grows or as their needs change, tie the bottom in a "fish tail". This will allow their legs to be fully extended but still covered.

- Foldover mits -
Our gowns were designed with every purposeful detail. Fold over mittens will protect from scratches, in addition to keeping baby warm. Just fold the cuff on the sleeve forward wrapping around baby's hand.

- Lap shoulders -
Our lap shoulder was created for 2 reasons. Fist in the event of the dreaded "poop explosion". Simply fold back the lap shoulders working the gown down the body rather than up and over the head. And second, if baby has a larger head the lap shoulder design will make dressing a breeze while still keeping a nice snug fit.

- Laundering -
Machine wash and dry. That simple!

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