So you just found out your pregnant?  So many people are congratulating you and reassuring you that you’re going to be a wonderful mother! 
However, we at SugarBabies know that anxiety is setting in and you’re wondering if you’re ready, what to do, what you need, and of course, “oh crap, whats going to happen to my body!?!”

Don’t worry!!! We have you covered.  We will be discussing fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles for you and baby so that you can simply just read, implement the things you already do or want to try.  Only thing you have to do is modify the things you may have already been  doing to be safe!

Lets begin!

The benefits of regular exercise during pregnancy are not a mystery.  But many women do not know where to start.  We will begin a series of blogs and pins to assist you in getting started.  We will provide tips on some great pregnancy workouts like dancing, aerobics, swimming, walking, weight training, and yoga.  Plus our expert will let you know whether activities like bowling, skiing, doing sit-ups, or biking are safe during pregnancy.  You will be able to post comments and questions on our blogs, and our expert will answer them daily to keep you motivated and dedicated to a healthy pregnancy! 

Stay tuned!  The first trimester program and nutrition plan is on its way!

Don’t forget to shop our pregnancy essentials to prepare yourself for your journey to becoming the best mother ever!  

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