Kiinde Kozii Bottle & Breastmilk Warmer
Kiinde Kozii Bottle & Breastmilk Warmer

Kiinde Kozii Bottle & Breastmilk Warmer

Part Number: KK-R1-NA
Kiinde Kozii Bottle & Breastmilk Warmer

We understand that your life is too busy for you to stand around waiting for a meal to be ready. We also understand that you're not willing to compromise your little one's safety to save a few minutes. That's why we created kozii, which is:

  • As fast as steam
  • As safe as warm tap water
  • As easy as the microwave
Kozii uses a low temperature, nutrient-safe water bath that is safe for ALL bottle and bag types. The water in the warmer is about as warm as warm tap water. This allows you to warm your little one's meal without exposing bags and bottles to dangerous steam, hot or boiling water, or the microwave. Kozii uses patent-pending technology, specifically designed to eliminate the risk of hot spots, nutrient damage, and dangerous chemicals that can be released from plastic bottles at high temperatures.

Kozii is designed specifically to follow CDC and USDA guidelines to safely thaw and warm breastmilk using warm, flowing water.

  • LONG LASTING RESERVOIR - kozii does not require that you measure or add water with each use.
  • EASY TO USE TIMER - Simple, intuitive interface lets you know how much time is left before the meal is ready.
  • AUTO SHUTOFF - When the time is up, the warmer shuts off and completely removes the heat source from the bottle. This means no overheated bottles because your busy schedule prevented you from taking the bottle out on time!
  • UNIVERSAL WARMING CHAMBER - kozii can safely accommodate breastmilk, formula, storage bags (frozen or thawed), liner bottles, plastic, glass, food jars, you name it!
  • HIGH POWER HEATER - kozii's high power heater means less time is wasted warming up the water bath, and more time is devoted to warming your baby's meal at a safe, low temperature.

How Safe Heat Works:

  • Growing concerns about nutrient damage, hot spots, and plastic containers that release dangerous chemicals have underscored the importance of warming meals without exposing bags and bottles to dangerous steam, hot or boiling water, or the microwave.
  • SAFEHeat™ makes the warming process safer and faster by changing the fundamental mechanism used to transfer heat to the bottle or bag. A circulating bath of warm water improves warming efficiency, allowing the use of lower temperature water without compromising warming speed. The thermostatically controlled water bath is maintained at the temperature of warm tap water, but warms a bottle as quickly as warmers that reach boiling temperatures. The result is a warmer that is fast and safe for use with any type of bottle or bag, and designed for the needs of breast milk.
  • SAFEHeat™ ensures that the contents of the warmer are brought to the same temperature every time as easily as possible. A simple, easy to read timer allows the user to set the desired warming time by simply turning the knob.
  • When the time is up, the warming stops completely, eliminating the risk of overheating if the bottle or bag is left in kozii for longer than intended.

How do I Use Kozii?

  1. Insert the bag, bottle or food container in the warmer.
  2. Set Timer
  3. It's done! Don't worry about taking it out on time; once the time runs out, the warming stops completely.
Be sure to check out the Kozii gift set or Twist gift set for an all in one feeding system!

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