Linen Ring Sling

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Classic Baby Sling - Sencha

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Basics Linen. Crafted from the softest linens, hand-dyed and tumbled dry in LA, this collection is perfect for all seasons. Our Basics have a classic linen texture and are pre-washed and tumbled dry making them soft and floppy. 

What to expect. Your Basics linen ring sling arrives ready to love, right out of the box. It is soft and floppy - no need to wash or iron before use! Our linen is an all natural textile, and with that comes some natural variation including small nubs in the fabric. We value these characteristics, and love the uniqueness they bring to every handmade carrier.

Care. Caring for your Basics linen ring sling is easy. When it’s time to wash your carrier, just follow the instructions on our site here. 


If you are interested in Extra Length 82" We are happy to check length availability for you!

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