Tree w/ Monkeys, Giraffe & Birds

Tree w/ Monkeys, Giraffe & Birds

The is the deluxe version of our very popular Tree with Monkeys. It is paired with a branch and set of birds. As a finishing touch we've also included a super cute giraffe! The cute and cuddly monkeys will always put a smile on your child's face. Each animal and leaf are separate decals and can be placed anywhere you wish, so be creative!

Tree Size (approx): 65" w x 90"h
Branch Size (approx): 39" w x 25"h
Giraffe Decal Size (approx): 39"w x 59"h

whats included:
2 Monkeys
1 Tall Giraffe
4 Cute Birds

additional information:
Animals are all separate decals so you can arrange them anyway you like!
Monkey's face is always Desert Beige.
will ship out in 2-3wks after order date.
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