Top Features of the Veer Switchback All Terrian Stroller

Top Features of the Veer Switchback All Terrian Stroller

Being active parents with kids we are always looking for products that make our life easier, things that are multifunctional seemed to work the best for our growing family. With the Veer Switchback Stroller your family will be able to be active, go on trails, hit the beach, go camping or workout. The Veer Switchback Stroller will be able to be able to accommodate your everyday family needs or your next adventure. The Veer Switchback Stroller has many accessories that makes parenting on the go easier. The main switchback seat can be used as a bike seat, stroller seat, wagon seat, camp seat & jogger seat. Making it one of the most multi-functional seats on the market. The Veer Switchback Stroller was also developed with a state of the art tunable rear shocks so you can easily controlled based on the weight and also comes equipped with front suspension. Don't worry if you plan on growing your family the Switchback can accommodate two children for a combined weight of 90 lbs. Plus one of the added bonuses is that you can easily clean the Veer Switchback Stroller with a hose! Doesn't get much easier then that! 

The Switchback Seat is revolutionary with 6 modes this seat is worth the hype! You can stroll, jog, bike, or chill 2 ways with one click from birth on. Easy clean, cushy soft goods, bump- absorbing dampers and on-demand shade make for the most comfortable ride and more. With you purchase of the seat you will receive the swirchback seat, heather gray seat insert, heather gray canopy, booster seat straps & explorer handbook. Some of the top feature are that it can be used with a infant insert at birth, 5 point safety harness, dual seat dampeners for impact absorption, 4 position recline and extra extendable high canopy with peak-a-boo window.

2. Veer Switchback Stroller Frame

The Switchback Stroller Frame will take you from cityscapes to landscapes. Making wandering fun, easy, and rewarding. The adjustable suspension, will get you there in cushy comfort and style. Roam all terrains and don't skip a beat! With the purchase of the stroller frame you will receive a all-terrain performance, turnable rear shocks, front suspension, robotically welded aluminum frame, extra-large, never-flat tires for easy maneuverability and one-handed open and fold.

Make room for your growing family with the switchback double stroller, it makes traveling with little ones easy. It comes with two switchback seats, one stroller frame and one second seat conversion kit and you can add on a infant car seats or a bassinet. With the adjustable suspension, you'll get there in cushy comfort and style. You will get all the same features of the Veer Switchback Stroller plus the flexiablity to use with two kids. 

Veer Swichback Compatible with Nuna Car Seats

4. Veer Switchback Bike Mount/Rack

Love the outdoors? No better way then to spend time with your kids. Enjoy a bike ride is a sure way to let your kiddo’s imagination fly. This is why Veer magically turned the Switchback Seat into a bike seat with their adapter. So buckle up, fly safe, fly well. Magically turn your Switchback Seat into a bike seat for ages 1+. Enjoy the ease of install with the Switchback System's 1-click connect and release system. The bike mount with also have foot guards and light reflectors for safe riding.

5. Veer Switchback Camp Chair

Turn the Switchback Seat into a sideline or camp chair just for them with the simple addition of a frame. It's easy for newborns and little ones to chill when you turn the Switchback Seat into a chair that goes everywhere. Perfect for summer travel. It is easily cleaned with a hose, has light reflectors for safety and also has a 1-click connect and release system. Can be used from 3 months up to 50lbs.

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