Cute Baby Girl Outfits You Should Buy This Summer

Being a new parent comes with its own set of challenges.


But, we understand the emotion of providing only the best for your kids. And that is why we at Sugar Babies, bring just the best in baby clothing & products for all you parents out there.


Now, when it comes to summers, there’s a lot more to deciding on clothing than its appearance.


Clothing for babies during the hot & dry Australian summers, with temperatures ranging anywhere over 35 degrees, need to be comfortable & airy.


This is where the material of clothing for your baby’s summer clothing plays a vital role. Summer baby girl outfits should be made from fibres that are natural, lightweight and give room for breathability to your baby.


How To Dress Your Baby Girl For Summers?


  1. Go for clothes that are more utilitarian than good looking. In case you believe shorts and a tee does the job, let it remain that way.
  2. Always ensure you apply sunscreen before you step out with your baby in the sun.
  3. Don’t aim to cover your baby from the sun. While it’s necessary to protect them from the UV rays, some exposure to the sun might be beneficial for the good ol’ Vitamin D.
  4. Keep the layers in mind, when dressing your baby up. As a general rule, if one layer of clothing makes you, as an adult, feel comfortable, then just one more layer (if required) for the baby might do the job.
     Overlayering can cause the baby to feel uncomfortable.
  5. Wearing a sunhat might help protect your baby from direct sunlight. And did we say, how cute it’s going to look on your baby?


Check On Your Baby: Are They Too Hot?


You need to be careful with your baby’s body temperature during summers. While it might sound complex, there are some general rules to figure it out.


  • Something that sounds very basic- use a thermometer.
  • Check for these signs: very flushed face, rapid breathing, clumsiness, unusually warm skin.
  • An easy way to figure the temperature out is by keeping your hand behind the baby’s neck or on their chest.


Now that you are somewhat aware of things you need to look into your baby girl’s next outfit, let’s move forward. Here’s why we bring you a list of some of the best girl outfit options for your baby this summer.


  1. Rosewater Smocked Long Sleeved Bodysuit


This cute bodysuit will just make you want to dress your baby girl again and again. Made from 100% Organic cotton, this bodysuit is perfect for the upcoming summer months. To ensure even more comfort and give attention to detail, there are no tags attached to the bodysuit.


The smock and ruffle detailing on the chest, just makes you fall in love with the somewhat old-school charm of this bodysuit. Snaps at places make it easy to wear and change diapers. 


The eco-friendly dye, along with nickel, lead or chrome-free buttons makes it a safe and breathable summer buy for your baby.


While babies don’t need outfits to make them look better than how they are, there are clothes at times, that makes you go “Aww”.


This white overall will make you say the same. The 100% organic cotton of this girls outfit, makes it breathable and comfortable for summer.


Coupled with a cute bow makes it the perfect outfit for your baby girl. Now, didn’t we say you’ll just love it?



This Mayoral Red Printed Dress will make other parents ask about your baby’s dress for sure.


The 100% inside out cotton fabric is a necessity, whereas the red tropical print makes it the perfect summer dress for your little princess.


Go for a cute bow headband and you have the most comfortable outfit for your baby girl.


What speaks summer better than polka dots?


This polka dot dress from Mayoral, once again speaks of cuteness like nothing else. The lighter colors, and the breathable cotton fabric, ensures that your baby stays happy, cool and all giggling.



Pink and tropical prints. What does that sound like?


Sounds like “perfect for summers” to us.


This basic twirl bodysuit is great for your baby girl’s outfit during spring & summer. Along with the amazing print, its 3-snap closure, make it easy to change the diapers.


Made from 95% bamboo viscose, it is certainly a dress that’s breathable and durable for your baby.

Want us to recommend? Go with this swaddle & headband set, and there you have a complete adorable happy day out outfit for your baby.


This steel grey ‘Hello World’ onesie speaks cuteness like nothing else. This handmade product made in the USA should perfectly make your baby girl’s summer outfit.


What’s more? Couple it with a matching turban and pants and just don’t stop looking at how adorable your baby looks.




So that was what we had in mind, to help you choose the perfect summer outfit for your baby girl.


In conclusion, as we stated in the beginning, focus on the fabric rather than the clothing type. 


A good and breathable fabric does more than half of the job when it comes to summer clothing. So, when you are thinking of going for some summer shopping for your baby girl, don’t forget to check out our collection, here at Sugarbabies.


At Sugar Babies, we aim to provide the best products for every new parent out there. We strive to be a place for all the parents to connect and provide a helping hand in your journey with your babies.


Our gears, clothing and a large set of products in stores all around WA, are equipped with trained staff, which greet you with a wide smile and exceptional customer service.

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