SleepFrida Lavender Bath Bombs
SleepFrida Lavender Bath Bombs

SleepFrida Lavender Bath Bombs

Part Number: 100000067
SleepFrida Lavender Vapor Bath Bombs
Kickstart bedtime routine at bath time with Vapor Bath Bombs, made with soothing lavender oils. Like a lullaby for the nose, these lavender Bath Bombs indulge little one in a chill bath sesh and [fingers crossed] a sound night's sleep. 

  • RELAX, BABY: Natural vapor bath bombs for bedtime wind down.
  • ZzZzZ: Calming bath vapors for sleepy time
  • SOFT SKIN: Essential oils make skin super soft
  • LAVENDER LULLABY: All-natural formulation with lavender oil
  • BATHTUB USE: Use one Bath Bomb at a time in bathtub; takes 6-8 minutes to dissolve
  • SIMPLE STEPS: [1] Fill the tub with water to preferred temperature + depth. [2] Unwrap one Vapor Bath Bomb. [3] Drop the Bomb (into the bathtub)
  • INCLUDES: 3 Bath Bombs (1.5 oz each)

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