What Parents Should Know About Newborn Clothing

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is an exhaustive process — and often an exhausting one. Tiny, defenseless, and incapable of doing more than basic bodily functions, they need all the support they can get. Parents-to-be must make sure to get all the specialized items their child will need, from nursery furniture to baby food.

Choosing the right newborn clothing is also crucial for post-fetal comfort. You would not shop for your new baby in quite the same way that you would shop for yourself. That is why we put together this guide, addressing concerns you may not even have considered.

What Do Babies Need?

First off, babies need comfortable clothing. Look for apparel made from a soft material. Remember, your child’s skin is brand new — therefore, more vulnerable to itching and irritation. You may have a greater tolerance for scratchier fabrics, but they should not be anywhere near a baby.

Secondly, babies need to be protected from their own clothing. Decorative features like rhinestones and even functional features like buttons can be choking hazards if they fall out. You do not need to avoid all ornamentation, but you should exercise caution and restraint. Your child will look cute no matter what they wear.

To close this section, we urge parents to look beyond onesies. This quintessential type of baby clothing is cozy and cute, but so are shirts, pants, baby sleepers, caps, swaddles, socks, and more. All have their own pros and cons, but having all these options in the nursery wardrobe gives you more to work with.

Seasonal Wear

How’s the weather in your area? Specifically, how is it likely to be around the date of arrival? You would not wear a sweater in summer or short-shorts in winter. Likewise, you must garb your infant appropriately — even if you plan to keep them indoors for those first few months of life.

Fortunately, you can find pint-sized apparel for all times of the year. Long-sleeves and onesies can cover tiny limbs and keep them warm in colder periods. Parents can find outfits to prevent sunburns on summer babies’ small and sensitive bodies.

As you stock up on newborn clothing, make sure to also think ahead. Depending on where you live, temperatures and conditions may change dramatically over the course of a few months. Keep this in mind if you want to shop in advance.

Growing Up and Out

Another factor to consider when shopping for a few months’ worth of baby clothes is that babies grow quickly. The infant that can easily fit in your hands will swiftly develop in both weight and height. As you look for newborn clothing, leave room in your cart for post-newborn clothing as well.

The truth about newborn clothing is that your child will not be able to wear it for long. They may only need it for a few weeks at most. In fact, many babies already outgrow that size by the time they are born.

Parents would be wise to get newborn clothing anyway. It may be the only clothing that fits your child. In that case, they will need it. Keeping the receipt would also be wise, just in case newborn size isn’t a proper fit for the newborn.

Matters of Time

Some expecting parents believe that taking care of newborn clothing shopping is better left after the expected delivery date. That way, they already know what size will fit their kid. A couple of onesies will get them through the first few days, then they can proceed.

In our view, this approach is not as strategically sound as it may seem. We just noted changes in size and season as great reasons to shop first and return items later if needed. If any folks really need another reason, they should consider that they will be in the first weeks of parenthood.

In this period, they will awake at bizarre hours and receive erratic sleep. They will have to spend a great deal of time watching and caring for their infant. We just think that the more errands parents-to-be handle in advance, the better.

Get Plenty

Babies burn through clothes at a speed that may shock you. We are not even talking about their rapid growth here. Even before they transition in clothing size, they may need a new wardrobe sooner than you expect. The reason is simple: infants are messy.

With little control over their body functions, babies may stain their clothes a few times within a single day. Parents can prepare by keeping plenty of alternatives handy, both in the nursery and out of the home. The prices may add up, but at least you can change your child into fresh fits on the fly.

We know that we advised against getting too many clothes of the same size earlier. Unfortunately, we do not have any one-size-fits-all advice for keeping the balance between that concern and this concern. If you end up with more clean baby clothes than you need, you could at least reserve them as hand-me-downs.

Loads and Laundry

Messes will be inevitable. Sometimes, they will be so gross that they cannot be salvaged. Much of the time, they will go straight into the laundry basket. Caring for a newborn baby will involve more washing and drying than you be accustomed to doing.

If you rely on a laundromat for your clothes-cleaning needs, we suggest regular visits. Going on a weekly basis should cover most parents’ needs. Of course, we understand that using these machines costs money each time. Getting more baby clothes may prolong the need for a laundromat visit and save cash in the long run.

Great Newborn Clothing at ShopSugarBabies

Newborn babies need newborn clothing. We do not say that as some cry for decency. These tiny humans just spent months in the warm environment of the womb, and they have to acclimate to this chillier and harsher world. The right apparel can greatly help with that.

ShopSugarBabies is home to hundreds of great items that will fit your infant and keep them cozy. Check out our great selection of newborn clothing today, so you can be prepared for anything that parenthood throws at you.

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