Which Nuna Car Seat is Best?

We all know the importance of an infant car seat. It is one of the most essential baby gear items a parent needs.

If you are planning to take a car ride and want to take your little one along, then this baby gear is a must-have. We understand you want to pick the safest baby car seat for your little kid, and figuring out which one’s the best is definitely going to be a big decision!

Safety is the biggest concern for every modern parent these days. Hence, choosing the right infant car seat involves many factors, including comfort, pricing, compatibility, easy to use, etc.

In this article, you can read in-depth about infant car seats and which category is the best to install and more.

What’s an Infant Car Seat?

An infant car seat is specially designed for young babies or infants. This baby gear can be used until your baby reaches the maximum height or weight of this product.

An infant car seat is designed in a manner that can be attached to any base, specifically talking about a car. You can easily install this baby gear product in your car and get a ride with your baby without any worries.

Things you should look for in Infant Car Seat

Before you think about spending your money on baby gear products, you have to be sure about their features and things you cannot miss out on.

If you think an expensive infant car seat means more safety and comfort, then you are wrong! Of Course, an expensive infant car seat means more luxury, better materials and additional safety features. However, you certainly don’t have to buy the product because it is expensive. You should pick the one which is suitable for you and your little one in all aspects.

So, below mentioned are some important factors you must keep in mind before you purchase an infant car seat.

1. Find the baby gear that perfectly fits in your car. From shape to size, you have to cross-check from all aspects.

2. When buying an infant car seat, you must look for easy installation. There are several infant car seats available that can easily be installed with a regular seat belt or latch system of your car. It is an easy and quick way to fit the baby gear.

3. Infant car seats must-have safety indicators, which signals if you haven’t installed the gear correctly. Many car seats are designed with in-built levelling systems and indicators, which ensures the safety of the infant. Just make sure when you final the product, you check those safety indicators.

4. One of the majors when purchasing an infant car seat is to look for the fabric. Choose the fabric that suits your baby and must be durable enough. Moreover, it should easily washable whenever any mess happen while riding.

5. Most of the infant car seats have extra safety features like shock absorption, high-quality materials, padding, etc. Look for such features and then buy!

6. You’ll come across several brands selling basic or old-style infant car seats. Hence, we recommend buying advanced infant car seats with updated safety features.

Most Popular Infant Car Seat – Nuna Car Seat

Nuna car seats are one of the most popular and best-selling infant car seats, which comes under many categories. All these types of Nuna car seats are extremely popular, but they differ in features, style, pricing and design.

No matter which style you choose, Nuna infant car seats are highly recommended because of their versatility, safety, easy to use, and design features. If you are willing to buy Nuna car seats, then you must check out SugarBabies online store and explore plenty of options. Here we are listing down some popular Nuna car seats from SugarBabies, do check out their range.

1. Nuna Pipa Lite RX Infant Car Seat + RELX Base - Caviar

This lightweight, fully-featured infant car seat is just a perfect buy for your little one. This car seat weighs only 6.9 lbs, which can easily be installed in your car and is safe to carry. The best part is the height of this baby gear is adjustable and made with featherweight micro-knit fabrics!

If you are looking for a highly comfortable, super-resilient, perfect fit, and high-performance in a single infant car seat, this one is an ideal buy!

2. Nuna Pipa RX – Granite

A trip with a little one is not so easy. You always have to make sure that you carry everything with you! One of the essentials include an infant car seat and for a quick ride, you must be looking for something easy to install the product. This Nuna pipa is an ideal product for your baby. From safety to comfort, this infant car seat provides every feature you’re looking for!

This product is great to take your baby outside for a quick ride, whatever the weather is. There is true lock base installation, which makes the setup easy and quick. Moreover, there is side impact protection and dream drape in this baby gear for keeping the baby safe and secure.

3. Nuna Pipa – Caviar

Let’s make small trips adventurous and hassle-free with your baby. You can go around with your baby for a short car ride or a long one with Nuna Pipa – Caviar. Nuna Pipa Caviar provides safety, comfort and an uninterrupted nap while riding. There’s a five-point harness in this baby gear, which keeps the baby in place. The fabric of this infant seat is organic cotton, an ideal fabric choice for car seats. Additionally, there are bubble level indicators, which ensures error-free installation!

For safety, there’s a steel stability leg, side-impact protection and UPF 50+ canopy to ensure the safety of your little one.


To conclude, choose the right infant car seat for your baby and please test the product in your car before you buy! To know more about SugarBabies Nuna infant car seats, do check out their online store for more.

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